Meet the Coach

Hey there, I’m Reethu!
Lawyer turned Coach and Founder of ClarityBrew

I am a trained Conflict Coach and Certified Professional Life Coach and I am here to brew you that much needed cup of clarity :)

After a 2 year stint as a corporate lawyer in Ernst and Young where I did contract drafting and negotiation, I decided to put down my papers. I knew I wanted to work for myself, make a difference in the lives of women and make use of the skills that I had while doing something that I was passionate about. Simple enough? I’d love to say that there was one moment, an epiphany that made me realise this is what I was meant to do, but we know life doesn’t work that way. It took careful deliberation and reflection on what I know, who I am and what I can offer. After months of soul searching, ClarityBrew was born.

ClarityBrew came from a simple concept- ‘brewing clarity over conversation and coffee’. I love that I get to help women for a living and I am driven by a very strong why. My why?:

Provide a safe and inclusive space for women where women can share their feelings without the fear of judgment

Help women create their own path to clarity

It was back in 2017, while I was pursuing my Master of Laws degree at the University of Queensland, Australia that I first came across the concept of Conflict Coaching. The Fundamentals of Conflict Coaching course was a part of my curriculum. As an exercise during the course, we were asked to conduct mock coaching sessions, where each of us in class took turns to pose as a client while working on a real life conflict situation we were experiencing. I experienced first-hand during the mock session how cathartic the mere feeling of being listened to was and how the guided process and support from the coach can give you a sense of clarity and direction. This is the experience I want to pass on to the women I work with !

Fast forward to today, I am a Certified Professional Life Coach. I have taken my trainings as a conflict coach and a life coach and combined it to create a unique coaching package or rather experience that will take you through a journey of transformation.

All of us deserve to be listened to without judgment, you do too. You deserve to be heard. After every coaching session we have together, I want you to leave with peace of mind and clarity. The program will empower you to figure out what you want your future to look like and map out your OWN action plan to get there..

Don't hesitate to book a free Clarity Call with me to learn more about how I can help you.

Safe and non-judgmental space

I provide a safe and non-judgmental space to vent and share


I help you develop clarity and ease your overwhelming thoughts

Set goals

I guide you set clear goals true to you and what you want out of personal coaching

Actionable plan

I empower you to create your own path to achieve your goals


I keep you accountable so that you make consistent progress

Self- discovery

I help you reflect on your beliefs, bias and assumptions leading to self-discovery

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