Coaching is a structured and specialised one on one process that is designed to offer personalised support to individuals experiencing difficulties and roadblocks in their life.

Coaching helps you gain a better understanding of yourself through self-reflection and gives you the confidence and strategies to deal with your concerns.

Coaching provides you with a safe and confidential listening space allowing you to openly share your emotions and speak your mind. More than just a safe space, at ClarityBrew, you will be listened to without judgment.

My approach is structured and draws on solution focused theory and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.


I currently offer three different packages of the program:
What’s included?

7 WEEK PACKAGE - 4 × 60 min sessions

9 WEEK PACKAGE - 6 x 60 min sessions

6 MONTH PACKAGE - 12 x 60 min sessions


Do you need structure, motivation and consistency in your life?

The program is designed to provide you an action plan to follow that will bring you structure and help you take action. Throughout the program, I will be by your side to hold you accountable and motivate you to push on.

Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed?

Ever thought that overcoming the confusion about your future, overwhelm and finding direction in your life is all too hard? I hear you. The program takes you through a process of shifting your perspective, giving you clarity and helping you come up with your own plan on what to do next.

Would you benefit from support and guidance?

When we are stuck in our lives, most often than not, we are looking for someone to guide us and lend a shoulder to lean. As a Coach, I will offer you that pillar of support and guidance.

Do you need a space to vent?

Sometimes when we are going through a tough situation in our lives, we are looking for someone to open up to. Despite having family and friends who would be more than happy to listen to you, you are apprehensive about talking to them. You think- ‘Would they understand?’ or ‘What would they think about me?’. Aa a Coach, I will set up a safe listening space where you can share your thoughts and emotions, without the fear of judgment.

Do you want to gain clarity and direction on what next?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone just told you what you should do next and put you out of your misery of feeling stuck. But how effective would this be, after all, it’s what THEY THINK would be best for you. Now imagine, if YOU were able to create your own plan to move forward. The program empowers you to do just that.


Safe and non-judgmental space to open up

Develop clarity and ease your overwhelming thoughts

I guide you set clear goals true to you and what you want out of personal coaching

Create your own path to achieve your goals

Keep you accountable so that you make consistent progress

Reflect on your beliefs, bias and assumptions leading to self-discovery

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